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The backs of my legs have been very tight for five years or more and no amount of stretching or exercise seemed to fix the problem. However, after just one session of Pilates Fusion I could feel things loosening up. After three classes, my legs feel rejuvenated. In fact, my whole body feels better. The classes are fun and not too intense and they produce results. I cannot think of a better way to feel younger and more flexible than spending 55 minutes a week with Christine or Katherine.

– Judith

Je me suis inscrite au Pilates Fusion ne sachant pas trop à quoi m’attendre. Après quelques séances je dois avouer que j’y vois des impacts positifs sur mon bien-être physique et moral. À la fin de chaque cours je me sens revigorer. Beaucoup de renforcement et d’étirements faits à l’aide de ballon, bande élastique et barre au mur, le tout au son d’une musique relaxante ou entraînante. Le prof, qui connaît bien sa matière et qui est professionnel, prépare des routines très variées. Le Zenga, à inclure dans votre hygiène de vie!

– Lucie

Being in my fifties, I felt I needed more cardio boosting exercises but I didn’t want it to be hard on my joints. Classes at Pilates Fusion offer the perfect blend. The workouts are energetic with fun music and best of all, no joint pain! Your body is continuously moving and the instructors personalize the exercises to fit your body. The studio also has a such a great vibe that I can’t help leaving with a smile from feeling so invigorated because I am improving my mobility and flexibility. I believe this is new way to approach exercise. I think my body will be grateful for fascia exercising for many years to come.

– Marina

I have had numerous personal trainers and by far Christine Clark is hands down the best teacher I have ever had. She has a full understanding of the body, how to heal injuries and have a safe workout. Pilates Fusion has helped me immensely recover from 2 bulging discs in my back. I feel longer and leaner after 2 months. The Fascia Barre classes are a lot of fun and you really target the small muscles for better movement. I have had the pleasure to be taught by Laura as well and she is fun while giving a good workout. I highly recommend Pilates Fusion!!

– Laura

I am totally enjoying my Pilates Fusion experience. Though I am still new to this , I find that it is great for my posture, balance, coordination and overall well-being. I like the props used making it easier, in my case, to be able to try everything. Katherine keeps a watchful eye to ensure that our positioning is correct and give an alternative if I am unable to do something. Love it and love the instructors because they care.

– Linda

Pilates Fusion is a welcoming space that gives you a sense of well-being the minute you step inside. If you are looking for a place to improve your physical self and calm your mind at the same time, this is it! I’m ever grateful to Katherine and Christine for their caring spirits and their knowledge of how the body works. My journey to total health and wellness is continuously evolving thanks to them!

– Darlene

Pilates Fusion is helping me to learn how to breathe and move at the same time :) seriously. things I took for granted in my youth I suddenly have to think about and re-adjust as i get older. it’s not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but with attentive teachers and the small class sizes, plus a little bit of patience on my part, I’m sure I’ll be able get back on track in no time.

– Kelly

Zenga, Fascial Movement, and Barre is a wonderful addition to the Pilates Fusion studio. I started Pilates with Christine a few months ago to help with my back pain. It has been a wonderful experience. Not only has my back pain improved drastically, I have also learnt quite a bit about my own body. The bar pilates that I do with Michele is a wonderful compliment to the exercises on the reformer. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to reconnect with their body, get in to shape and overcome back pain. I commend the Pilates Fusion family!

– Shannon

I started taking classes at Pilates Fusion and it was definitely the perfect fit! Just the right amount of cardio with all of the body alignment and strengthening of pilates. Michele and Christine are both passionate, knowledgeable and kind. Learning about fascia through their explanations has allowed me to connect the awareness of my mind, body and heart together. Although I do implement other workouts in my week, nothing compares to these classes. I always come out feeling renewed and crave for more! No class is ever the same, and coming to class is something I look forward to every week. I have nothing but gratitude for the Pilates Fusion and Fascia Fusion ZFB team!

– Jen

Je suis des cours de Zenga depuis janvier avec Katherine et Laura au Pilates Fusion. Les deux professeurs sont attentives, compétentes et d’un professionnalisme hors pair. Elle nous expliquent toujours les muscles utilisés par les différents exercices et ceux-ci varient toujours d’ un cours à l’autre. Elle n’hésitent pas à nous repositionner si c’est nécessaire pour bien nous faire progresser. C’est pour moi un réel bonheur et une satisfaction personnelle de me retrouver au studio à chaque semaine.

– Sonia

I have been a member at Pilates Fusion for years. I love the classes and the combination of exercises selected for each class pinpoint, stretch and work the areas that make a difference. My body feels great after every class!

– Julia

My husband and I have enjoyed weekly private lessons for a number of years (not counting anymore!) at Pilates Fusion. As my husband says often, it feels we just got a great massage ! We enjoy the benefits of being stronger and straighter. On the other hand, we also feel it when we stop for vacation… our backs start telling us it’s time to head back to Pilates!

– Christine, 44 and André, 53

Pilates has been an unexpected delight! I came to pilates after my surgery with the objective of getting specific muscle groups to work better. After each class, I feel “zipped up” as if I have awakened postural muscles that were previously dormant from years of poor posture and injury. After a year of weekly classes, I have more endurance when I walk and greater mobility (less pain!) in my upper back. The experience is a far cry from the pilates I had experienced at the gym or with a video. Katherine provides us with a new, stimulating class every week using different apparatus and pays close attention to us, giving feedback to ensure that we have a safe and effective workout. I leave the class feeling refreshed and uplifted. Once a week is a good idea, but twice is even better.

– Julie

I have been going to “Pilates Fusion” for almost 2 years. Katherine and Christine are exceptional teachers. They are attentive and know the body extremely well. I have hip issues and they always make corrections enabling me to do all the exercises pain-free. My core is now strong, my spine is more flexible and my posture has improved greatly. I feel wonderful in general and a lot calmer than I used to be overall. I highly recommend “Pilates Fusion.”

– Paula

Searching for the best in health support has been a path I have been on for many years, due to several circumstances beginning with a diving accident when I was in my teens. In my thirties I had back surgery which led to further problems. Then, in my forties I was accidentally poisoned with Killex, the main component of which is agent orange or 2,4-D, a known toxin linked to many serious health problems, including damage to the immune system. Chiropractic and Osteopathy are methods that have supported the damage and muscular imbalance resulting from the accident and surgery.

High quality supplementation has supported my immune system and kept me functioning at a much higher level of well-being than I had earlier hoped for. The only thing needed to complete my regimen was to ‘discover’ Pilates Fusion and Christine Clark’s excellent training. Two friends whose experience and recommendation I respect suggested that I would benefit, as they have, from Pilates training with Christine. Almost simultaneously, my Osteopath recommended the Core Training Program that Pilates Fusion offers. I joined just over a year ago, and am learning ways to correct my misalignment.

I know that I cannot undo the damage of decades overnight, but experiencing the steady improvements and being able to keep up with the routines of the ‘kids’ in the class is so encouraging and exhilarating! Christine sees our individual structures and makes needed adjustments on the spot. She combines compassion and skill. If I could rename Pilates Fusion, it would be to call it Pilates Perfection!

– Joan B

Couldn’t be happier about my fitness level at this point in my life. I’ve basically not done all that much exercise in the past 25 years in any serious way. But after starting Pilates at Pilates Fusion 2 years ago and meeting Christine and looking at the class size of 5, equipment, knowledge and attention to detail she brings I became a regular. I had wanted to be fit and build up my core which was sadly neglected. At first it was really hard to follow and do the exercises but the coordination of it all slowly comes to you and if not you’ll be corrected by Christine right away to avoid bad habits or injury from happening.

I was sore for many weeks but not debilitated from the exercises in class but it was well worth it when I started seeing subtle changes in my physique, posture and then see and feel the endurance kick in too I was amazed. I can work for hours in my garden and not come out not totally sore and recover much faster from the aches and pains now. The same with other physical activities I set out to do too. I noticed that my balance improved and I was able to support my weight better. Very happy to have my time and effort well spent on a pleasurable experience with great results.

I couldn’t have done it without Christine’s input, care and personality to help keep me focused and coming back each week. The regular laughs we have in the Tuesday@5 group are an added bonus.

– Andre M

I have been attending the Pilates Fusion classes, once a week, since May 2010. I am 64 years old, 65 in July and I am addicted to my Pilates sessions. I always look forward to my class. It has helped me with my posture and my back problem. Since I started Pilates, when I go to the gym, I always make sure that my posture is right before doing my exercises. Also, I started a Yoga class and I find that, from having done Pilates before, I have a better understanding of the Yoga positions. Combined with the other exercises that I do, it contributes to a better and healthy life. My body just loves it!

– Sylvie L

If you’re feeling blue one day, and who doesn’t this time of the year, call Pilates Fusion. Christine Clark has a telephone answering message that is cheerful and uplifting, it will blow your blues away! Fortunately she and her trainers Katherine and Jolaade bring the same qualities to their classes making them a pleasure to participate in, rather than a pain, like most exercise workouts.

After many years of suffering with a leg badly damaged in a car accident I underwent surgery for a knee replacement 3 years ago. I have been taking Pilates training for these past three years mainly with Katherine but lately also with Jolaade. It has taken a long time but I’m now able to walk with a normal gait, I have complete control over my balance, and my upper body flexibility is greatly improved. I credit this all to my Pilates training. In one week I will be 80 years old.

– Ken

When I was looking for a supplement to add to the walking, gardening, and exercise tapes I was using as my exercise routine, my sister suggested Pilates. At the same time, I would pass Pilates Fusion on my daily route to work. After my initial meeting with Christine, who explained her program for me, I decided to give it a try. And, for me, it has been a match made in heaven! I feel better physically, sleep better and have more confidence to extend my exercising even further.

Being over 65, I was initially hesitant. But the small class size of a maximum of 5 allows Christine to watch you closely and offer continuous advice and encouragement to help make each session a satisfying experience. Hopefully, I can continue with Pilates Fusion for many years to come.

– Joan T

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