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Couldn’t be happier about my fitness level at this point in my life. I’ve basically not done all that much exercise in the past 25 years in any serious way. But after starting Pilates at Pilates Fusion 2 years ago and meeting Christine and looking at the class size of 5, equipment, knowledge and attention to detail she brings I became a regular. I had wanted to be fit and build up my core which was sadly neglected. At first it was really hard to follow and do the exercises but the coordination of it all slowly comes to you and if not you’ll be corrected by Christine right away to avoid bad habits or injury from happening.

I was sore for many weeks but not debilitated from the exercises in class but it was well worth it when I started seeing subtle changes in my physique, posture and then see and feel the endurance kick in too I was amazed. I can work for hours in my garden and not come out not totally sore and recover much faster from the aches and pains now. The same with other physical activities I set out to do too. I noticed that my balance improved and I was able to support my weight better. Very happy to have my time and effort well spent on a pleasurable experience with great results.

I couldn’t have done it without Christine’s input, care and personality to help keep me focused and coming back each week. The regular laughs we have in the Tuesday@5 group are an added bonus.

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