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Searching for the best in health support has been a path I have been on for many years, due to several circumstances beginning with a diving accident when I was in my teens. In my thirties I had back surgery which led to further problems. Then, in my forties I was accidentally poisoned with Killex, the main component of which is agent orange or 2,4-D, a known toxin linked to many serious health problems, including damage to the immune system. Chiropractic and Osteopathy are methods that have supported the damage and muscular imbalance resulting from the accident and surgery.

High quality supplementation has supported my immune system and kept me functioning at a much higher level of well-being than I had earlier hoped for. The only thing needed to complete my regimen was to ‘discover’ Pilates Fusion and Christine Clark’s excellent training. Two friends whose experience and recommendation I respect suggested that I would benefit, as they have, from Pilates training with Christine. Almost simultaneously, my Osteopath recommended the Core Training Program that Pilates Fusion offers. I joined just over a year ago, and am learning ways to correct my misalignment.

I know that I cannot undo the damage of decades overnight, but experiencing the steady improvements and being able to keep up with the routines of the ‘kids’ in the class is so encouraging and exhilarating! Christine sees our individual structures and makes needed adjustments on the spot. She combines compassion and skill. If I could rename Pilates Fusion, it would be to call it Pilates Perfection!

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