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Katherine2Katherine Murray, owner and instructor, is certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Her first certification and teaching experience began in 2008. Coming from a Personal Training background, and seeing so many people with back problems, she knew that people needed more, something deeper.

Katherine aims to target the deeper muscles that help stabilise the spine and pelvis while still challenging the superficial muscles. Katherine focuses on the whole picture, especially when there’s an injury because everything in the body is interconnected. Therefore, her workouts are full-bodied and functional with a strong emphasis on proper technique. She also values a balance between stability and mobility where it is appropriate.

The reason she loves her job is the people. Katherine loves her clients deeply and is thrilled to see their week-to-week progress. Katherine strives to leave you feeling mentally more aware and soothed and physically lengthened and strengthened at the same time.

Katherine’s message to her clients: “Come to your class every week and you will feel the difference.”


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