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Katherine Murray, owner of Pilates Fusion, STOTT PILATES® certified in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels and is a qualified Total Barre and Zenga teacher. Katherine has over 10 years of experience teaching Pilates at the studio.

Coming from a Personal Training background (F.I.T. certified), and seeing many people with chronic pain, she knew that people needed more. The body needs different types of movements and textures and the day-to-day repetition or lack of movement can lead to dysfunction or pain. When one part of the body doesn’t work well, it affects the rest of the body and can have long-term issues.

The control in Pilates, versatility of Barre and the breath guidance and fluidity in Zenga is the perfect combination for toning, while stimulating and rehydrating fascia (important connective tissue). That is Katherine’s passion.

Katherine’s full-body workouts are functional with a strong emphasis on proper technique and balancing out stability and mobility depending on individual needs. Her workouts will leave you feeling good with an improved mind-body connection in the short-run, and better posture and strength in the long-run.

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