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As time went on Jim Roberts noticed one of his strengths was being able to communicate effectively which showed in different parts of his life. He had the good fortune to learn the printing business from his father and quickly gravitated to the sales side of the business. Within his salesmanship he was able to build long lasting relationships with clients, as a Sales Manager he was able to convey valued principles and as a hockey coach he enjoyed teaching a team how to be a good loser, a gracious winner, and to be respectful to oneself, teammates and the opposition. These experiences were challenging, yet rewarding.

One winter day while tobogganing with his two son’s he aggravated an existing herniated disk problem in his low back and continued a tough year as the pain had affected all aspects of his life. After exhausting all avenues he finally underwent surgery and was introduced to a personal trainer to strengthen his core, and soon after he discovered Pilates. Not only did he find Pilates, he found Pilates Fusion and Christine Clark (Founder) and her commitment in helping others through Mind Body & Soul which truly inspired him and has changed his path, “I’ll forever be grateful.”
After completing the full intensive course at Stott’s Corporate Training Center in Toronto and through his personal challenge with his own body Jim has gained a deeper insight to his student’s needs and looks forward to achieving their goals together.

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