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Aysu Sinman is a certified Pilates instructor trained in Classical Pilates Style in
Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. She combines her 15+ years of
experience in practicing and teaching Pilates with Yoga. While working full time
as a set designer in TV industry, Aysu started practicing pilates after a low back
injury. She was amazed by the progress she felt in her body and completed her
certifications. She started teaching part-time in health and fitness clubs.

She is certified in 200+ Ashtanga Yoga and has taught many classes in both
disciplines to all levels at YMCA/ West Island and other private studios. She has
designed different classes according to studio’s client profile such as;
Yogalates, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ball Pilates and Pila-tone. She has taught Yoga
at the Lakeshore Skating Club to skaters and still gives classes when needed.
She is interested in wellness to live healthy not just by moving the body but from
within. It’s her life-style where she practices mindfulness, meditation and
breathwork. She has a certification in Pranic Healing Level 1 & 2. She is currently
in a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator & Practitioner training.

She believes that each person is unique and therefore has different needs
according to their body, demands and expectations. Optimal health doesn’t just
require to exercise regularly. Bringing mind and body to alignment is both
balancing movement, habits and breathing with the right mindset. Pilates is not
about pushing the body to its limits to achieve more. It’s finding strength,
coordination, concentration and flexibility with ease. Aysu’s classes are fun,
creative, safe and effective. Her teaching is about learning, growing and
reaching your inner power feeling present in every moment.

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