Something for you

By Christine Clark

Do you want to do something to your body? Or do you want to do something for your body? The subject is you, specific to you. Where are you now? Where do you want to go?

How do you feel about it? What change or improvement would you like to make? The physical, mental and emotional benefits of Pilates are greatly enhanced when participants can attain an inwardly directed focus during their workouts. Focusing internally on the sensation and connection between the body and the exercise so the nervous system is unable to focus on the external environment.

The Pilates approach to exercise can be very helpful in a vast number of scenarios. In this technological age it is important to generate and maintain the vibrant health of our mind body spirit. Choosing to run off our reserves and over-stimulating our senses is a big part of what ages us too early.

Pilates can be a meditation in empowerment. The breath is powerful, benevolent and purifying. Pilates is about creating a quality-filled movement by directing consciousness and sending the intention.

Pilates is a great opportunity to use the power of your mind. Your breath is a life-giving act and you are in complete control of it. Remember there is power in the peacefulness and centering and power in awareness and direction.

Well-being through Pilates

  • General benefits of Pilates
  • Pilates for Rehabilitation
  • Pilates for Athletes / Dancers
  • Pilates for Post-surgery
  • Pilates for pre and post natal
  • Pilates for posture training and sport / dance
  • Pilates for men
  • Pilates for Seniors
  • Pilates for back problems

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