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Katherine is Stott certified in Mat, Cadillac, Reformer, Stability Chair and Barrels. With her first Pilates certification, her teaching experience began in 2008. She loves everything about her job, the clients being the main attraction. She loves all her clients dearly and loves to see their week-to-week progress. She has a background in Personal Training and enjoys Martial Arts in her spare time. Her workouts are a nice balance between focusing on the level 1 muscles to gain a strong supporting core while challenging the other muscles to also feel a “burn.” She likes to look at the whole picture, especially when there’s an injury, since everything in the body is connected. The result of her precise programming is a full-body workout including stability and mobility that will leave you feeling mentally aware, physically lengthen, and strengthened at the same time.

Katherine’s message to her clients: “Get your butt in there and show up every week and I guarantee you will see the difference in your body.”

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