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When there is a certain amount of order, everyone benefits, even you!

Here are a few ways you can help keep things running smoothly:


  • After you clean, be mindful that these things need to dry. For example, lean the head cushion up so that both sides can dry in time for the next person.


  • Being late can be disruptive to others and is okay from time to time but should kept under control. The beginning of the class is very important as we use that time to set the tone for the whole hour. The breathing and warm up is done at the start of class and for some people this is the most important part of the class. Please be respectful.


  • While having fun is important, so is concentration. Safety should always come first. Listen to your instructor and listen to your body. For your progression and everyone else’s, please keeping the talking to a minimum as the teacher has a lot to say.



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