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Change For The New Weekend Warrior

img_0319Just one visit per week can help max out on men’s weekend games. A level playing field for the guys to work on their hip, shoulders and spinal functions. Pilates Fusion (MEN) is providing so much more to their all male clientele. Located on Donegani avenue in the Pointe Claire Valois area, their clientele are already commenting on feeling the benefits after just the first and second workouts! Although Pilates is offered as a lifestyle where longer term, bigger benefits are surely reached, it is also the accomplishment inspired aspect to mindful training that attracts people. Sedentary people who never gave the time to fitness are finding that this is something that they can actually stick with. It’s about making choices you can live with long term.

I was personally on site taking photographs and witnessed a guy leaving the studio and in a few short moments came back simply to tell Jim that after only 3 workouts he does not have to sit down to put his shoes on anymore.

Pilates has always been there for men they just have not seen it for themselves. The founder of the method was a man named Joseph Pilates. All it takes to develop newer more optimal movement patterns in the body is to be in regular attendance, IT’S THE SECRET SAUCE. A shift in perspective, as mindfulness takes it’s rightful place in the body, can occur and this is what helps create new habits in posture and functional strength. Moving better while playing, being less tired and having less joint and muscle soreness post game is the highlighted feature here for some. Guy’s who never touched sports in their lives or since they were younger are finding the return to their bodies. not only being purpose-filled, but enjoyable. Yes the Guy’s ARE HAVING FUN!!!

img_0325Breath linked with movement, in it’s very nature, is a highly effective form of meditation and much easier to experience, or be in and of the meditation experience itself, than many other approaches. It just happens as the mind centers itself and get’s grounded in a lighter more simple way. Great for men who have very little time but recognize the need for it. For the rest it’s an individual journey that unfolds and reveals the value at a rate that is needed. For sure it is Mind, Body and Soul while Kyle and Jim keep it simple.

A revolution is starting here because men are ready for it. Pilates sessions for men is a hybrid form of exercise, combining corrective rehab and fitness. It is a compliment to all forms of activity and therapies. The right kind of workout leads to less payout, since everyone is living longer, this specialty approach is a natural fit.

You can get started on private individual training or private group training (3-5 people max) by contacting Jim Roberts at 514 770 3799 and/or Kyle at 438 889 5953. Session hours are offered in the morning, mid day and evening during the week and on Saturdays.

Sessions must be booked prior to coming, no drop ins.
Located at 78 Donegani, Pointe-Claire, H9R 2V4.

Written by Christine Clark

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