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Pilates for Men Taught By Men

pole_through_strapsOff season Golf and Team Training / Pre – Post Rehabilitative Workouts seem to be the attraction at the new Mind Body fitness facility for men. Jim and Kyle also run classes of 5 for the general population who are looking for pain free effective workouts to improve the integrity of their posture and joints. Combined with state of the art equipment and choosing quality over quantity, the integrity in the approach is seen and experienced right away!

Highly trained instructors Jim and Kyle carry out their mission in providing a barrier-free atmosphere for men to be guided through their own Pilates Workouts, while breaking the stigma that Pilates is just for women. “You can see our guys are comfortable and are having fun “say Jim and Kyle at Pilates Fusion (men). “They really seem to appreciate the specialized space and not being limited anymore to just the gym”. Our studio is valued by our clients as the perfect complement to their gym and physio visits.

Here is what Pilates for men taught by men is good for:

  • Spinal conditions and injuries
  • Sport Specific cross training
  • Rehab and Pro Athletes
  • Tissue and joint care
  • Breath work specific to task
  • Postural conditioning
  • Core integrity
  • Restoration of Mind and Body
  • Movement impairment patterns
  • Arthritis pain management
  • Novice comfortable setting
  • Effective challenging workouts
  • Effective gentle pain free workouts
  • Sharpening movement patterns and much more.
  • Training benefits are highly versatile.

Pilates has been proven to help increase sexual function. Jim was out spreading the word of their new Specialized Mind-Body Training facility for men that opened Sept 2016 and encountered a guy’s comment that went like this” I bike in the summer I ski in the winter and I have sex 12 months out of the year!” Clearly this guy has a good balance going and Pilates helps us enjoy those earthly pleasures at levels of higher quality, duration and of course more long term.

A man by the name of Joseph Pilates is the original founder of this exercise approach. He was a very sick child and developed exercises to improve his immune function and it worked! Later in life he ended up in a British internment camp during WW1 and was able to help improve not only his own morale but the morale of both prisoners and guards. Pilates is valued as a form of exercise that helps with immune function and depression. In the therapy community it is understood and agreed that without the proper breath work no degree of therapy can really work long term. Pilates Fusion is known for its breath work and can help the client facilitate breath specific to the task and learn to do it mindfully, instead of with the anxiety of having to remember it. This all ties into the empowerment that takes over the mind and body and facilitates an overall well-being feeling and better immune function. Calming the central nervous system down and giving it clear concise signals is key.

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