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Easy posture tips you can use throughout your day

April 29th 2023 No one’s perfect and that’s part of what makes us who we are, and where we’ve been but being mindful of our posture and taking steps to address imbalances can lead to less pain and stiffness. So whenever you have to wait – whether it be in line somewhere or on the

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Pilates: a mind, body and soul health package

Montreal Gazette – Sept 7, 2014VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE If you want to look younger, stand up straight. I recently learned a whole lot about the topic, and then some, from a meeting with Pointe-Claire resident Christine Clark. Christine, the founder and her daughter Katherine, the owner are highly experienced teachers at Pilates Fusion in Pointe-Claire,

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Something for you

By Christine Clark Do you want to do something to your body? Or do you want to do something for your body? The subject is you, specific to you. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How do you feel about it? What change or improvement would you like to make? The

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Breathe Again

Have you ever seen the fur stand up on the backs of cats or dogs when they get angry or scared? Human being possess exactly that mechanism, only it is less visible. The muscles in our backs and necks also tighten up when we are angry or scared, and unless we know a way to

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