Katherine's back view standing on the reformer with arms open and legs abducting

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Pilates improves strength, endurance and flexibility while using the power of the mind and breath. Here are some other benefits that Pilates is known for:


Classes and privates offer:

New levels of intensity to workouts with a focus on posture and balancing the needs of stability and mobility.  The Pilates Fusion team offers services for individualized needs. Classes are small, with a maximum of 5 people, so the instruction is attentive and modifications are given as necessary.

In private sessions, we can be more focused on specific needs such as post-rehabilitation, prenatal and postnatal fitness and sport specific conditioning. Services will also be provided for menopausal and post menopausal strength and flexibility training or for the very busy professional who enjoys time out for themselves to work on their posture and full body movement needs.

Using state of the art machines, apparatuses and small equipment we provide low impact yet challenging workouts. The results are inspiring as the client begins to feel stronger and lighter and is able to carry out activities with more agility and mindfulness.

Breath and methodical movements create a moving meditation experience that relaxes and focuses the mind. The student allows themselves to be guided for precision movement. The movements become more dynamic in nature as the body demonstrates it’s mastery in movement and begins to understand and be aware of itself.


For golfers, shoulder motion can be influenced by restrictions found in the mid-back muscles and joints, while restrictions in the lower back might be influenced by problems in the hip region. 

For this reason, the assessment should be for the entire body and not just the area that appears to be inhibiting the swing. For a golfer, the Pilates routine should start by doing the mobility exercises followed by those for balance and, lastly, the stability workout for stance and swing.

You can increase club-head speed by developing flexibility and then by learning how to control this newly developed flexibility. Increase club power by training dynamic postural balance and by doing segmental coordination exercises for the entire body.

Who can do Pilates? Everyone!

  • Aging adults – for a more mindful approach to fitness
  • Beginners – to gain coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Athletes – to improve agility, power, endurance and body awareness
  • The Menopausal – to ease symptoms, anti-aging workout, resistance training for bones, stabilization and balance training for function
  • Elite athletes – to cross-train and sharpen movement patterns
  • The Physically fit – to improve or maintain fitness goals and posture
  • Prenatal & Postnatal – to feel good and quicken recovery
  • Individuals in Post-rehab – after inflammation, to strengthen and stretch, progressing gradually 
  • The arthritic – gentle on the joints, for pain management

our teachers

Serving the West Island for over 15 years, Pilates Fusion honours the original teachings of Joseph Pilates with the latest applications in exercise science and modern equipment.















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V2 MAX PLUS™ Reformer Cadillac machines and other versatile equipment.


Katherine Murray

Katherine is certified in STOTT PILATES® Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels, and qualified in Total Barre and Zenga with 15 years of experience teaching Pilates at the studio.

Coming from a Personal Training background and seeing many people with chronic pain, she knew that people needed more than simply strengthening the global mobilizers (superficial muscles).

Katherine loves the endless variations in Pilates which lends itself to meeting a wide range of different fitness and health goals including deep core strength, body awareness, fascia repair, pain and stress management, stability, mobility, breath work, posture and so much more.

Her workouts are fun, functional and full-body with proper technique that balance out strength and flexibility. 

Kyle Murray

Kyle Murray is STOTT PILATES trained in essential and intermediate Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and Barrels. He is currently offering sessions to sport teams, post rehabilitation, and to students looking to improve their posture and strengthen their functional needs.

An ongoing interest in rehabilitation comes from Kyle’s background in massage therapy (RMT), several years in soccer & hockey coaching and his own personal history with injuries as an athlete himself. While working in construction Kyle developed sciatica and various other problems in his body and decided it was time for a career change. Becoming a massage therapist and making some. Through massage therapy and exercise, he discovered his MISSING LINK!!

Pilates training became Kyle’s bridge in his journey. His Mother Christine Clark opened the very first Pilates studio on the west Island of Montreal over 12 years ago and his sister Katherine has been helping to run the family business and provide teaching over the last several years.

It was time for Kyle to join the family business and to share in the discoveries of what Pilates can offer the body to others. The passion in his teaching is transferred through finding the piece of the puzzle as in his own journey and enjoys watching others take charge of their own life as he is able to help facilitate in their journey.

Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts is trained in STOTT PILATES Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Jim Roberts noticed one of his strengths was being able to communicate effectively which showed in different parts of his life. He had the good fortune to learn the printing business from his father and quickly gravitated to the sales side of the business. Within his salesmanship he was able to build long lasting relationships with clients, as a Sales Manager he was able to convey valued principles and as a hockey coach he enjoyed teaching a team how to be a good loser, a gracious winner, and to be respectful to oneself, teammates and the opposition. These experiences were challenging, yet rewarding.

One winter day while tobogganing with his two son’s he aggravated an existing herniated disk problem in his low back and continued a tough year as the pain had affected all aspects of his life. After exhausting all avenues he finally underwent surgery and was introduced to a personal trainer to strengthen his core, and soon after he discovered Pilates. Not only did he find Pilates, he found Pilates Fusion and Christine Clark (Founder) and her commitment in helping others through mind, body and soul which truly inspired him and has changed his path, “I’ll forever be grateful.”

After completing the full intensive course at Stott’s Corporate Training Center in Toronto and through his personal challenge with his own body Jim has gained a deeper insight to his student’s needs and looks forward to achieving their goals together.

Michele Young

Michele Young, with STOTT PILATES training, brings a unique combination to the team, having moved from a corporate job to full time teaching and training.  Her interest in Pilates peaked several years ago as she sought a way to strengthen and injure-proof her back and shoulders as they dealt with the high physical demand of moving from a industry to full time personal training and massage therapy.

With over 20 years learning and practicing various disciplines, Michele has developed a thorough personal practice in strength training, yoga and mindfulness meditation  It was through her training in therapeutic massage which began her formal education in bodywork, anatomy, physiology and helping relationships which led her realign her life’s work with her passion for health and working with people. The majority of her career has been spent in the pharmaceutical industry (Glaxo, Lilly, AstraZeneca), studying the human body and its response to pain and disease from both a genetic and human biology perspective.

Michele’s passion is therapeutic work, helping people of all ages attain their goals and overcome health and fitness challenges using the principles of body mechanics and the mind-body connection. Michele comes to the team with a Master of Science degree (Msc) from the University of British Columbia, registered with the Association of Naturopath and Naturotherapists of Quebec; Canfit Pro Certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates Trainer and Thai Massage Therapist.

Aysu Sinman

Aysu Sinman is a certified Pilates instructor trained in Classical Pilates Style in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. She combines her 15+ years of experience in practicing and teaching Pilates with Yoga. While working full time as a set designer in TV industry, Aysu started practicing pilates after a low back injury. She was amazed by the progress she felt in her body and completed her certifications. She started teaching part-time in health and fitness clubs.

She is certified in 200+ Ashtanga Yoga and has taught many classes in both disciplines to all levels at YMCA/ West Island and other private studios. She has designed different classes according to studio’s client profile such as; Yogalates, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ball Pilates and Pila-tone. She has taught Yoga at the Lakeshore Skating Club to skaters and still gives classes when needed. She is interested in wellness to live healthy not just by moving the body but from within. It’s her life-style where she practices mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. She has a certification in Pranic Healing Level 1 & 2. She is currently in a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator & Practitioner training.

She believes that each person is unique and therefore has different needs according to their body, demands and expectations. Optimal health doesn’t just require to exercise regularly. Bringing mind and body to alignment is both balancing movement, habits and breathing with the right mindset. Pilates is not about pushing the body to its limits to achieve more. It’s finding strength, coordination, concentration and flexibility with ease. Aysu’s classes are fun, creative, safe and effective. Her teaching is about learning, growing and reaching your inner power feeling present in every moment.

Mylène Boutin

Meet Mylène, a vibrant and dedicated Pilates instructor who brings a passion for fitness, wellness, and mindful living to every class. With a deep love for movement, Mylène discovered the transformative power of Pilates early in her fitness journey.
As a Pilates instructor, Mylène combines her enthusiasm for athleticism with a keen understanding of the body’s mechanics. Her classes are a dynamic blend of precision, strength, and flexibility, reflecting a commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals.
Outside the studio, you’ll often find her hitting the pavement for a run or exploring new destinations. An avid traveler, she draws inspiration from diverse cultures and wellness practices, infusing her teaching with a global perspective.