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In our semi-private 5 person classes we use a combination of Matwork, Cadillac, Reformer and other props and apparatuses. Classes run Monday through Saturday for 8 week sessions. Students may join at any time during the session if there are spaces available. Call us today to get started!

Session Dates:

  • June 17 – August 10 (Closed Mon. June 24, Mon. July 1)
  • August 12 – October 6 (Closed Mon. Sept 2)
  • October 7 – November 30 (Closed Mon. Oct 14)
  • December 2 – Jan 26 (closed Dec. 24,25,26, evening of 31, Jan 1)
  • ¬†Jan 27 – March 21


In order to reserve your spot, your payment must be submitted and made payable 2 weeks prior to the new session to allow for new student preparation time and easier class entry.

  • Per class: 30$ (tax included)
  • Total for 8 week session: 240$ (tax included)

Reservation is not guaranteed without the full payment in advance.

You can try a class for 30$ if you’ve done Pilates with machines before. If it’s your first time using the reformer it is best for you and the class to do a private session to prepare for a class and to help us understand your needs and level.

If you miss a class it is your responsibility to make-up your class by using our class make-up system in the book downstairs.

Email to get started!

2 person private sessions available (Couples & friends), 1-hour

A variety of choices and combinations in this workout! Two types of Pilates machines (Reformer & Stability Chair) and Pilates training apparatuses (Cadillac) are available. Your trainer may recommend which equipment is more suitable for you, depending on the exercise.

1 person private sessions available, 1-hour

Based on your postural analysis, your trainer will create a profile that will allow your workouts to be tailored to your posture. Complete studio training options will be provided.


  • 5 Professionally raised mats
  • 5 Wall Unit Cadillacs
  • 5 V2 MAX reformers for greater clinical capacity and high performance skills.
  • Reformer accessories:
    • 5 Vinyasa Triangles
    • 5 Jumpboards with Cross wows
    • 5 Cardio Trampolines
    • 5 Reformer Mat Converters
  • 5 Arc barrels
  • 5 Spine correctors & Spine supporters
  • 5 Edges
  • 5 Stability chairs
  • 5 sets of small and large stability cushions
  • 5 Sets of rotational disks
  • 5 Additional soft mats
  • 5 Bosu
  • And so much more…

Other various small equipment-based accessories:

  • Natural lighting, very clean.
  • Appropriate temperature control.
  • Soundproof studio to enhance concentration.
  • Fresh air flow at all times.
  • Specialized sound equipment and engineered music to prevent listening fatigue for mind body fitness.
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