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At Pilates Fusion, our Semi-Private classes run in 8 week sessions running Monday through Saturday. Each session has a start and end date but students may join at any time if there are spaces available. Students enrolled in our program must give notice of intention for the upcoming session minimum 3 weeks in advance (before current session is finished) to allow for new student preparation time for easier class entry.

Upcoming Session Dates

  1. April 17 – June 10 (Closed Monday April 17 & Monday May 22)

  2. June 12 – August 5 (Closed June 24 & July 1)

  3. August 7 – September 30 (Closed Sept. 1, 2 & 4)

  4. October 2 – November 26


In order for your teacher to facilitate arrangements to reserve your spot. Your check must be submitted and made payable 2 weeks prior to the new session starting

If you would like to start a session after is has already started, please contact us and we will make arrangements if there is space available.

Semi-Private sessions- 2 people (Couples & friends), 1-hour

A variety of choices and combinations in this workout! Two types of Pilates machine training (Reformer & Stability Chair) and Pilates apparatus training (Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, etc…). Your trainer may recommend which equipment is more suitable for you, depending on the exercise.

Private sessions- 1 person, 1 hour

Based on your postural analysis, your trainer will create a profile that will allow your workouts to be tailored to your characteristics. Complete studio training options will be provided.


  • 5 Professionally raised mats
  • 5 Wall Unit Cadillacs
  • 5 V2 MAX reformers for greater clinical capacity and high performance skills.
  • Reformer accessories:
    • 5 Vinyasa Triangles
    • 5 Jumpboards with Cross wows
    • 5 Cardio Trampolines
    • 5 Reformer Mat Converters
  • 5 Arc barrels
  • 5 Spine correctors & Spine supporters
  • 5 Edges
  • 5 Stability chairs
  • 5 sets of small and large stability cushions
  • 5 Sets of rotational disks
  • 5 Additional soft mats
  • 5 Bosu
  • And so much more…

Other various small equipment-based accessories:

  • Natural lighting, very clean.
  • Appropriate temperature control.
  • Soundproof studio to enhance concentration.
  • Fresh air flow at all times.
  • Specialized sound equipment and engineered music to prevent listening fatigue for mind body fitness.


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